Kofi Kingston's Interview with Uproxx

“S.O.S.” is the only song you could slip into a Spotify mix for your friends and not have them immediately scrunch their nose and have them say, “Is this some of ‘that’ music you listen to?” It sounds like it belongs on the radio. It sounds like it has a beginning, middle and end. It’s catchy and fun and oh god I’m going to listen to it again right now. It’s that good."

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Big ups to my brother Kofi Kingston for coming out to the ring fighting to the sounds of S.O.S!

Good Life 2017 European Tour Recap

Europe was 🔥🔥🔥 !! West Coast up next!
#goslings #colliebuddz #humboldtsfinest @humboldtsfinestfarms
Check out the tour dates below:
11/29/17 - The Observatory (Santa Ana, CA)
11/30/17 - The Obervatory North Park (San Diego, CA)
12/01/17 - Ace of Spades (Sacramento, CA)
12/02/17 - Crystal Bay Club Casino (Crystal Bay, NV)
12/03/17 - The Catalyst (Santa Cruz, CA)
12/06/17 - Soho (Santa Barbara, CA)
12/07/17 - The Independent (San Francisco, CA)
12/08/17 - The Independent (San Francisco, CA)
12/09/17 - Mateel Community Center (Redway, CA)
12/10/17 - Rogue Theatre (Grant Pass, OR)
12/13/17 - VENUE (Vancouver, Canada)
12/14/17 - Sugar Nightclub (Victoria, Canada)
12/15/17 - Neumos (Seattle, WA)
12/16/17 - The Domino Room (Bend, OR)
12/17/17 - Wonder Ballroom (Portland, OR)